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Name: Natalie

Favorite Book(s): The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

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What’s the point of this blog? I have always been interested in the effect that looks have on individuals and society as a whole. I think that looks affect everyday happenings around us even more than we realize. Developing what’s on the inside is obviously more important than fixing up what’s on the outside, but I think that everyone should be aware of the bias that society and individuals have toward beauty. Ignoring an issue doesn’t mean it ceases to be an issue. Bias toward beauty has always been and will always be an issue.

Look at ancient mythology. The beauty of Helen of Troy led to her abduction and then to the Trojan War. Her beauty literally led to war. Beauty is a big, big deal in our world. Helen of Troy is an ancient example, but nothing has changed. Today, pretty faces are still a big deal. They are chosen for the stars of movies, the covers of magazines, or just as the most popular girl in school. They are paid more, treated better, and are even perceived as being kinder and more responsible.

While we can never turn off people’s tendency to appreciate beauty – we were made to do so – we can explore the issue and come up with solutions for the problem areas. In fact, the Dove real beauty campaign is already doing this. They go against the norm by using models who are bigger than the typical models that you’d see in an advertisement. Kudos to them!

Anyway I hope that this blog will organize some interesting and creative thoughts on the subject of beauty from myself and from other people who are more qualified than myself. I hope you can find something that resonates with you. Isn’t that why we all blog?

“There’s very little that we can do to transform how we look. And how we look, though it is superficial and immutable, has a huge impact on our lives.” -model Cameron Russell


One thought on “About the Blog & Blogger

  1. For thoughts on how beauty is more than skin deep, but also tall, at least potentially smart, and mercilessly used…

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