Inner Beauty Pageants

Yesterday was a deeper post so I went for a simpler post today.

Check out this poster:


How cute is that? Imagine if the Persian King Ahasuerus picked his wife based on an inner beauty pageant instead of an outer beauty pageant. Actually, now that I think about it Esther was kind, gracious, compassionate, humble, wise, and courageous so she probably still would have won. Gosh that would have been such a good illustration. What can I say? Some people just have it all.

But pretend Esther never existed, and this becomes a good reminder that we should value others for what’s on the inside, not the outside. We should find each other’s inner beauties – kindness, generosity, compassion, wisdom, empathy,etc. – and celebrate it!

And let’s be real, good friends and spouses are those who have the most inner beauty. So choose wisely because friends and spouses can make or break you.

Wow that took an ominous turn. Sorry about that.

One more thing. I worked on a post for a long time this morning, and I’m not sure why. I mean I even made a Venn diagram for this thing! Like I actually googled “Venn diagram maker” and used a program that kept trying to take my money because I was so determined to make this diagram. Who does that? Anyway I’ll post that up next week. Have a great weekend!


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