So, are Pretty People meaner?

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 11.36.50 AMNote: I apologize for the lame picture. I was recently informed that copyright laws apply to blogs as well, so the images are going to take a noticeable dip in appeal. Sorry.

Yesterday I talked about the tendency for uglier people to notice the odd-looking loners because uglier people are less likely to judge by appearance, since they themselves are not especially good-looking. Others look at the loner and see the weird-looking wrapping paper (their appearance), whereas uglier people simply wonder what gift lies beneath this outer shell.  What are their dreams, struggles, hopes, talents, interests, and general personality?

So, as much as it pains me, I thought I’d stick up for all the attractive people today. Of course, there are no views or comments on yesterday’s post, so I don’t think anyone is too riled up just yet. But I’ll consider this a precautionary measure.

“I know so many girls who are beautiful, but inside they are ugly. They’re personality ruins their outward beauty for me.” I have heard so many versions of this statement. So. Many. And I don’t like it. I think that this was a statement started by a self-esteem coach to make uglier people feel better. For me, I have met about the same amount of nice, ugly people as nice, pretty people. In the same respect, I have met about the same amount of mean, ugly people as mean, pretty people. I’m serious. Think about it. Have you really met that many mean, stuck up, pretty people? Perhaps you met one or two such people, and then you made up a broad judgement based on just a few people.

Now, I will admit that the meanness of pretty and ugly people do differ. When pretty people are mean, they tend to ignore others and think they are better than other people. They have been treated better their whole lives, they begin to think they really are better than other people, and thus the prideful personality monster comes out. They laugh at someone’s outfit, they put the comely guy in the friend zone, etc.

On the other hand, when ugly people are mean, they tend to ignore people and think they are better than others. Wait, what? Yes. But in a different way. They ignore people because they are bitter. They have been rejected by parts of society and so they take the dramatic response of ignoring all of society. In this isolated manner, they begin to silently judge others. They think, I may not be as good-looking as them but at least I am smart, rational, and have morals, etc. They begin to see themselves as better than other people because they are breaking apart from society’s mold if you will.

Does that make sense? I hope so because I think it’s very important that you know that there is meanness and niceness in every single person, in every single school, in every single culture and in every single country. The struggles we grow up with tend to determine when and how we display our meanness or niceness. We empathize with others who are struggling with our past struggles. This is a good thing. So, if you think someone is mean, I dare you to spend more time with them. I’m sure you’ll find that you only saw one side of them.

Wait, was the moral of this post to not judge beautiful people by their looks? Unbelievable. I am such a softie. Oh well, I’ll get back on topic next week. Feel free to leave a comment.


8 thoughts on “So, are Pretty People meaner?

  1. This is the best blog I’ve ever read! I completely agree!

  2. What a fresh perspective. I really appreciate you defending the pretty people. Sometimes I feel like people just want to hate me because I’m beautiful.

    • I think some girls do unconsciously/sometimes consciously give prettier girls a harder time. Jealousy is not confined to any age group, religion, or culture. And it extends past looks to brains, money, friends, family, etc. Different people are jealous of others for different reasons. Enjoy your looks, not everyone is so lucky! And thanks for reading

  3. I’m beautiful but not mean, I mean people tell me I’m beautiful!

  4. On Wednesdays we wear pink

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