Are Ugly People Nicer?

As promised, here’s the post based on the article “Why I Like to Hire Ugly People.” What a great title. You just can’t pass that up.

So in this article Marty Nemko doesn’t exactly have one main point, which, as a journalism major, kind of makes me cringe. But no matter. In case you were too lazy (ahem, I mean busy) to check out the full article, here is the bulk of his argument on why he thinks ugly people are nicer:

“I find that ugly people, in general, are nicer because they know they can’t use their looks to get by and because they’ve developed compassion from going through life unattractive. . . All other things being equal, I’d give the nod to an ugly candidate. It’s not charity: They have less value in the marketplace and can be hired less expensively, even though looks have, for most jobs, little or no bearing on job performance. I’ve found that, on average, ugly people are more likely to be kind and to work harder because they know they’re working at a disadvantage. And unattractive people are more likely to stay with me because they tend to have a tough time getting hired, in part because they generally don’t network efficiently. If I treat unattractive employees well, they’re usually very loyal.”

What an interesting point of view – and from a grown man too! I think that his argument holds some weight to it. In my almost twenty-one years I have found that less attractive people do tend to be nicer and more compassionate. I have a theory about this. Take a look at this card:

being fat and ugly

This is from the popular website which is a whole other story.  But, basically people can write their biggest secret on a postcard, send it to the address listed on the website, and then see it posted up on this website, which is updated every Sunday. It’s a way for people to sort of  ”get things off their chest.” It’s interesting, but it gets old pretty fast. But that’s just my opinion.

Okay back to the blog post. I wanted to use this postcard “secret” because ugly people have to live their whole lives with their deepest, darkest “secret” on display for everyone to judge. There’s nothing they can do to hide it. That. is. hard. I still don’t know why people dismiss “looks” as a trivial thing to worry about when it is literally what our society revolves around.

Having to live everyday struggling to deal with social anxiety, make friends, find a boyfriend/girlfriend, get hired, and develop confidence is exhausting. And I believe that this gives less attractive people a tremendous amount of empathy for people no matter what their age, ethnicity, personality, shape, or size is. They don’t care what other people look like because they feel like they don’t have a right to judge others based on appearance when they themselves are not too hot looking.

Ugly people have spent their whole lives being ignored by some people, possibly even made fun of, simply for how they look. These people never even took the time to get to know them- their interests, talents, hobbies, hopes, dreams, fears. They saw the wrapping, not the gift, and walked away from it. This means that ugly people know that there is much more to a person than the wrappings that will eventually rot away when we die. They see an odd-looking loner sitting by themselves and think, “I wonder what her story is? I guess I’ll have to ask her myself.”


One thought on “Are Ugly People Nicer?

  1. Excellent job again girl, you get me!!

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